The Plan to Vaccinate Children and Babies

It is crucial that you shake off any ideas, comforts, or defenses for the vaccination at this point; It is time we, as a species, defend the defenseless against this unimaginable evil.

Real Data on the Fake “Vaccines”: Part 1

The time for being nice about this is up, and it should have been up a long time ago. Let me lay it out plain and simple: The vaccine is made to seriously injure, kill, or permanently maim the global human population. The subsequent vaccine passports is the beginning of total and complete global fascist […]

Your Choice Will Soon Be Permanent

We are rapidly approaching a crossroads in human history. The decisions you make in the coming weeks and months will determine not only the course of your nation, but of the human race as a whole – and your ability to make this choice, or any choice for that matter, will soon be gone forever. […]