Face Masks: The Societal, Psychological, and Physiological Damage

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If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll have seen videos from and links to Dr. Vernon Coleman. Before this COVID hoax, he was a respected medical practicioner in the UK with over 50 years of experience to his name.

He was the first qualified doctor in the UK to question the COVID narrative, and has since been silenced, harassed, demonized, and slandered.

I stumbled upon his “Old Man in a Chair” videos while browsing Bitchute one day, and after viewing his videos and reading his books, I can understand why such vitriole has been cast towards him. He is an unafraid and outspoken man constantly blasting the COVID lie with reasoning, logic, and medical expertise. I truly hope to be half the man he is when I reach his age.

I am introducing Dr. Coleman because this article highlights what I think are the most crucial points of his book, “Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good“, where he highlights 111 points proving the title to be true. He did all of the hard work, I am merely paraphrasing points that I feel are important and linking the studies he cites.

Nearly all of the information in this article is credited to him, so please follow the links below to his website, Brand New Tube Channel, and free book downloads. You will find a wealth of information all completely free.

With that said, it’s time we unmask face masks for the psychological, societal, and physiological tools of destruction that they so clearly are.

1. Why Surgeons Wear Surgical Masks

Although it is true that surgeons wear face masks, they are wearing them no more than a few hours at a time. The environment the surgeons are in while wearing a surgical mask is air conditioned and well-ventilated, and the masks are also disposable, sterile, and meant to be used only once.

Even so, the paper “Preliminary Report on Surgical Mask induced Deoxygenation During Major Surgery” was published in the journal Neuocirugia in 2008 which studied the dangers presented to surgeons due to mask wearing.

To quote Dr. Coleman:

The study showed that the longer a mask was worn the greater the fall in blood oxygen levels. This may lead to the individual passing out and it may also affect natural immunity – thereby increasing the risk of infection...The authors of the paper concluded that, ‘When the values for oxygen saturation of haemoglobin were compared, there were statistically significant differences only between preoperational and post operational values. As the duration of the operation increases, oxygen saturation of haemoglobin decreases significantly.’

So if surgeons are experiencing low blood oxygenation levels by wearing these sterile masks only once in a controlled environment for a few hours at a time, what are the effects of someone’s blood oxygenation levels who wears a non-sterile face mask in nearly every public environment for most of their waking hours?

Let’s connect some dots by looking at long-term effects of low oxygen saturation.

A ten-year study titled, “Low oxygen saturation and mortality in an adult cohort: the Tromsø study” was published in 2015 to “determine whether low oxygen saturation measured by a single-point measurement by pulse oximetry (SpO2) is associated with increased mortality in the general adult population.”

I strongly recommend that you read the paper to understand the methods used and the subsequent results, but for the sake of this article, this was the conclusion:

Low oxygen saturation was independently associated with increased all-cause mortality and mortality caused by pulmonary diseases. When FEV1% predicted was included in the analysis, the strength of the association weakened but was still statistically significant for mortality caused by pulmonary diseases.

Low oxygen saturation = increased mortality by pulmonary (lung) diseases.

Putting all of this together, what do you think the long and short term of mask wearing will be on the population? Common sense.

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2. Masks INCREASE Risk of Infections & Diseases of All Kinds

A key point to keep in mind when dealing with the evil at our doorstep is that they invert everything they touch. They say masks reduce risk of infection, when in reality, they increase risk of infection – and not just from COVID-19, if it were real in the first place.

A. Overall Infection

A 2015 study titled “A Cluster Randomised Trial of Cloth Masks Compared with Medical Masks in Healthcare Workers” was published in the British Medical Journal studied the efficacy of cloth masks to medical masks in hospital health care workers. The paper was written by nine authors from the University of New South Wales (Australia), the University of Sydney (Australia), and the Beijing CDC. 

Side note: I do not believe it is a coincidence that these univerisities are now a focal point in the COVID hoax.

I digress; after studying 1607 full-time hospital health care workers (HCW) over 4 weeks, they concluded the following:

...the results caution against the use of cloth masks. This is an important finding to inform occupational health and safety. Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. Further research is needed to inform the widespread use of cloth masks globally. However, as a precautionary measure, cloth masks should not be recommended for HCWs, particularly in high-risk situations, and guidelines need to be updated.

I can not stress this enough; your government is doing everything in its power to trick you into killing yourself and your children – and this is key to understanding our way out of this.

Until this point, the government has not once forced a mask on your face or a vaccine in your arm; they simply told you to do it and you did. You must understand that these things are your choice – and this choice can be your greatest weakness or your greatest strength.

The choice has been and always will be yours.

B. Eye Infection

In September 2020, a paper titled “Face Mask-Associated Ocular Irritation and Dryness” was published highlighting how continuous mask wearing leads to dryness and irritation of the eyes as a result of “…air expelled upward from the mask and into the eye”.

They concluded that the subsequent constant eye rubbing “…increases the risk of disease transmission through the ocular route”.

C. Lung Infection & Chronic Lung Disease

In April 2021, Boris A Borovoy MPH, Colleen Huber NMD, and Q. Makeeta published the paper “Masks, false safety, and real dangers, Part 1: Friable mask particulate and lung vulnerability” which examined freshly one opened cup, surgical, and laundered cloth mask as well as two N-95 masks under a microscope. They found loose particulates on each type of mask as well as tight and loose fibers and warned of the following:

" if even a small portion of mask fibers is detachable by inspiratory airflow, or if there is debris in mask manufacture or packaging or handling, then there is the possibility of not only entry of foreign material to the airways, but also entry to deep lung tissue, and potential pathological consequences of foreign bodies in the lungs. "

Continuous build-up of these particulates and fibers in deep lung tissue over long periods of time can lead to a plethora os bronchopulmonary diseases, such as:

  • Asthma
  • Alveolitis (Inflammation of the alevoli in the lungs, the little bubbles which holds a primary function in 02/C02 exchange)
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Bronchiectasis
  • Pulmonary fibrosis (Incurable lung scarring disease with a 5-20 year survival rate of 20%)
  • Spontaneous pneumothorax (Sudden collapsed lung)
  • Chronic pneumonia
The most commonly used bullshit mask known as the blue surgical mask presented serious risk as particulate and fibers loosen more and more with each use, increasing the risk of the fibers breaking loose and becoming embedded in deep lung tissue. The loosening fibers are so obvious that they didn’t even need a microscope, as shown below.

Imagine how muich bacteria is on one loosened fiber, then try to imagine how many of those fibers break loose and make their way into your lung tissue every day.

D. Strain on the Vital Organs

In June 2020, a paper published in NCBI titled ““Exercise with facemask; Are we handling a devil’s sword?” -A physiological hypothesis” suggests that the reduced oxygen levels coupled with the build up of C02 from wearing face masks while exercising may lead to a dangerous strain on the heart, lungs, kidneys, and immune system. Below is a quote from the Abstract:

"The hypercapnic hypoxia may potentially increase acidic environment, cardiac overload, anaerobic metabolism and renal overload, which may substantially aggravate the underlying pathology of established chronic diseases. Further contrary to the earlier thought, no evidence exists to claim the facemasks during exercise offer additional protection from the droplet transfer of the virus.

To break that quote down:

○ Hypercapnic hypoxia: High levels of C02 in the blood coupled with low levels of 02 in the blood

○ Increase acidic environment: This is important; disease thrives in acidic environments

 Cardiac overload: Too much blood in one of the heart chambers for the chamber to function efficiently; A cause of cardiac failure

 Anaerobic metabolism: Energy created via combustion of carbohydrates in the abscence of oxygen; This process can not supply the energy requirements of normal cerebral (brain) function

 Renal (kidney) overload: Kidneys retaining sodium, which increases the sodium throughout your body; Results in swelling, high blood pressure, heart problems, etc.

 Aggravate underlying pathology of established chronic diseases: All of these factors worsen existing conditions such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, cardiac disease.

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3. Mask Mouth

Dentists all across America have come across what they’re calling ‘mask mouth’, an inflammation of gums, increase rate of cavities, and buildup of oral bacteria as a result of constant mask wearing. The symptoms are similar to those who suffer from ‘meth mouth’, a side effect of chronic methamphetamine abuse.

Although I typically don’t source mainstream media as a source of reference, I take the opportunity whenever it arises; if something that goes against the narrative is to the point where it has to be acknowledged by the hacks in the media, you know its bad. With that said, here’s a quote from a New York Post article from August 2020 titled, “‘Mask mouth’ is a seriously stinky side effect of wearing masks

“We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before,” says Dr. Rob Ramondi, a dentist and co-founder of One Manhattan Dental. “About 50% of our patients are being impacted by this, [so] we decided to name it ‘mask mouth’ — after ‘meth mouth.’ ”

Another interesting note concerning oral hygiene that isn’t commonly known is its connection to strokes and heart attacks.

An analysis from Penn Medicine of a study published by the CDC points out that “Researchers suspect that bacteria present in gum disease can travel throughout the body, triggering inflammation in the heart’s vessels and infection in heart valves… nearly half of American adults age 30 and older and 70 percent of those 65 and older have some stage of gum disease.”

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4. Simply Put, Masks Don’t Work

The confusion from Fauci and other “health officials” concerning the efficacy of masks has been flimsy; one day they’re useless, the next day they’re “life saving”, round and round we go. This confusion is by design. The overarching plan is to establish order out of chaos; a New World Order out of the chaos these bastards created. I digress.

A. Masks Impair Immunity

A paper titled, “The use of masks and respirators to prevent
transmission of influenza: a systematic review of the scientific evidence
” concluded from the analysis of 17 separate studies that there has never been a conclusive relationship between wearing face masks and protection against influenza infection.

Dr Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon, pointed to this study in one of his recent publications titled, “Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy” and took it a step further by asserting that face masks impair immunity. He was quoted as saying,

"…a drop in oxygen levels (hypoxia) is associated with an impairment in immunity. Studies have shown that hypoxia can inhibit the type of main immune cells used to fight viral infections called the CD4+T- lymphocyte. This occurs because the hypoxia increases the level of a compound called hypoxia inducible factor-11 (HIF-11) which inhibits Tlymphocytes and stimulates a powerful immune inhibitor cell. This sets the stage for contracting any infection, including covid-19, and making the consequences of that infection much graver. In essence, your mask may very well put you at an increased of infections and if so, having a much worse outcome."

B. A Mouse and a Marble Arch

A study titled “Optical microscopic study of surface morphology and filtering effiency of face masks” published in June 2019 came to the very obvious conclusion that the pores of cloth face masks are much larger than the particulates it is meant to keep out of the subject.

The cherry on top? Washing your mask to clean it lowers the already pitiful efficiency of cloth face masks.

"Interestingly, we found that efficiency dropped by 20% after the 4th washing and drying cycle. We observed a change in pore size and shape and a decrease in microfibers within the pores after washing. Stretching of CM surface also altered the pore size and potentially decreased the filtering efficiency. ... The study showed that the filtering efficiency of cloth face masks were relatively lower, and washing and drying practices deteriorated the efficiency."

To quote Dr. Coleman, “This means that the virus will wander through the face mask much like a mouse wandering through Marble Arch. “

5. Irrepairable Neurological Damage

In a video message posted in October of 2020, Dr M Griesz-Brisson MD PhD, an established European consultant neurologist and neurophysiologist, warned about the neurological dangers of the combination of oxygen deficiency and high levels of carbon dioxide due to continuously rebreathing carbon dioxide and metabolic waste as a result of chronic mask wearing.

"We know that the human brain is very sensitive to oxygen deprivation. There are nerve cells in the hippocampus that cannot last longer than three minutes without oxygen... The real danger is, however, that when the oxygen deprivation becomes chronic, the symptoms (headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, difficulty in concentration and slowing down of reaction times) disappear because the body gets used to them. However, efficiency remains impaired and the damage to the brain continues. ‘We know that neurodegenerative disease takes years to decades to develop. If today you forget your phone number, the breakdown in your brain would have already started two or three decades ago.’"

She also points out the following:

  • As oxygen deprivation from mask wearing continues, neurological problems will grow.
  • When brain cells die as a result of low oxygen, they will never be replaced.
  • Cases of dementia will undoubtedly increase drastically over the next 10 years.
  • Constant mask wearing will damage the brains of young adults and children by impairing their nuerological processes at critical times of growth and development.
It’s also important to note that long-term oxygen deprivation also has serious adverse affects on the heart and lungs as well as the brain.
For further proof that face masks lead to CO2 toxicity and oxygen deprivation, check out the video below from Del Bigtree. He points out that any CO2 level above 5,000 ppm is toxic and leads to oxygen deprivation. He then asks his son to wear a face mask for the demonstration and uses an OSHA-approved Carbon Dioxide Meter to measure the CO2 levels. The machine read 8486ppm at its highest before reading 0000ppm because it could not register the dangerously high level of CO2 inside the mask.

6. Insulting Your Intelligence

The following points are observations pointed out by Dr. Vernon Coleman that require no citation simply because they are so obvious that its insulting. This is a key point to remember throughout all of this; getting you to comply with illogical demands from absolute idiots deletes your dignity and self-respect, thus leading to greater levels of compliance. This is a psychological operation, a war for your mind, body and soul; treat it as such.

  • Breathing, coughing, and sneezing into an unsanitized mask day in and day out increases the risk of fungi and bacteria building up in and around your mouth and nose, leading to dangerous chest infections. (AKA the signs & symptoms of “COVID”)
  • It is difficult to speak and understand what someone is saying while wearing a mask, leading to less social interactions, discouraging conversations, and lowering self-confidence and the ability to speak your mind.
  • Vital conversations, evidence, and analyses surrounding the inefficacy of face masks are promptly banned online. If the science is so unshakable, why do they fear criticism of it? To quote George R.R. Martin,
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  • Much of the air we breathe while wearing a mask goes in and out through the sides, unfiltered.
  • The fact that anything that covers your mouth and nose constitutes as a face mask is enough evidence to prove that it is not about your health, but rather about controlling your mind and deleting your dignity.
  • Masks diminish the quality of our relationships with people; trust decreases while fear increases.
  • Continuing to comply with mask mandates while knowing its wrong leads to a slow but steady growth of resentment towards oneself; this in turn manifests as anger, hatred, and judgement towards others, furthering the damage to relationships.
  • If this virus is so dangerous and infectious, why are masks and gloves littered throughout streets and nature instead of disposed of as toxic medical waste? Because its about control, not a virus.
  • Although plastic face shields are much less harmful than face masks, they look completely idiotic and obviously do not serve any purpose other than to get you to look like a fool to further destroy your self-respect.
  • Masks are nothing more than a tool used to condition the human race into compliance. This is a prime example of the “Totalitarian Tiptoe”, a term brillianty coined by David Icke; if a human being surrenders its self-respect for years on end knowing that what they are doing is wrong, they are more likely to accept even more drastic demands in the future i.e. vaccine mandates.
  • Wearing a mask while taking a piss at a restaurant but taking it off while sitting down is devoid of logic, another example of slowly eroding your diginity, self-respect, and urge to resist authority.
  • Wearing a mask traps warm moisture around your mouth and nose, producing increased amounts of acne and cold sores.
    • In teenagers, this leads to wearing the mask more to cover up acne which in turn lowers their self-esteem when it is already at a vulnerable stage of development, adding to the ever-growing list of mask side effects which breed a more compliant generation.
    • In teenagers and adults, this leads to an increased amount of cold sore outbreaks, which also leads to wearing the mask more to cover up cold sores. In the end, more mask wearing leads to more acne and cold sores. Absolute evil.

7. History Repeating Itself

Masks have been used for thousands of years to break the will of human populations to make them feel subserviant and dehumanized, ultimately deleting their sense of identity and self-worth. Below are a few examples.

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(Source of Scold's Bridle: Faganarms)
Medeival Times

The first mention of the Medeival Mask of Shame, or Scold’s Bridle, was in 1567. It was used as punishment for women who spoke out of line in an effort to establish male hierarchies and ensuring that women stay silent in church, serving as both torture to the victim forced to wear the mask of shame as well as a warning to other women to not speak out.

Source: Slave Tortures: The Mask, Scold’s Bridle, or Brank

Colonial America

Puritan Pilgrims forced a forged face cage onto those, mainly women, who violated Puritan cultural or religious values. Feminists, take a look in the mirror; you’ve been had. We’ll welcome you to the resistance with open arms.

Source: Slave Tortures: The Mask, Scold’s Bridle, or Brank

Britain, 16th-19th Century

The scold bridle was used during this time as well as “a device used to control, humiliate and punish gossiping, troublesome women by effectively gagging them… and was commonly used by husbands on their nagging or swearing wives.”

Source: Slave Tortures: The Mask, Scold’s Bridle, or Brank

Brazil, 1800s

Working conditions for captured fugitives and slaves in 1800s Brazil were so horrific that many resorted to suicide from either poisoning themselves by drinking toxic/contaminated fluids or choking themselves to death by eating dirt. To both prevent them from killing themselves and delete their self-identity, a tin mask was forced on their faces with “a very narrow slit in the mouth and a few little holes under the nose so they can breathe.”

Source: Slave Tortures: The Mask, Scold’s Bridle, or Brank

See a Pattern?

Although a face mask or dunce face shield is not nearly as horrific as the aforementioned torture devices, they do share one common theme between them; dehumanization, compliance, and obedience to authority through fear.

Don’t take my word for it; here’s a Biden Staffer saying verbatim, “The goal here [when it comes to mandates] is compliance.”

8. Conditioning Obedience and Normalizing Dehumanization

There are two main purposes of mandating face masks.

  1. To condition humans to accept vaccine mandates.
  2. To normalize the 5 Steps of Dehumanization for easier application of vaccine segregation.

Let’s walk through each of the 5 Steps of Dehumanization and how they’re being applied to both face mask and vaccine mandates.

Source: The 5 Steps of Dehumanization by Ronald E. Eiggior PhD
Psychology Today, November 2018

1. Hinting at the subpar intelligence or morality of a group

Science has devolved from questioning the nature of reality to a new world religion that can not be questioned, and generations of humans have been indoctrinated into this belief via the education system at a young age. The only ones who are given a voice in the scientific community must both finish the highest level of indoctrination possible (college) and not deviate from the mainstream narrative.

On top of this, humanity has been trained to scoff at and ostricize any average person who questions these “experts” because they lack the right letters after their name.

This programmed perception kicked into high gear when the assinine mantra of “Trust the science” was introduced in regards to face masks. After 12 months passed and the belief was solidified that those who do not comply with face masks are intellectually inferior, the vaccines were rolled out. The neural pathways of complying with health mandates and demonizing those who did not comply were already implanted into people’s brains and the transition from masks to vaccines was seamless.

In regards to morality, the other equally assinine and sinister program of “I wear a mask to protect others” was installed into the minds of humanity. Again, this paved the way for “I got vaccinated to prevent the spread of the virus to protect others”, although the vaccine has never been proven to prevent or reduce infection or transmission. “C’mon Charlie Brown, I’ll hold the ball and you kick it!”

2. The Use of Infestation Analogies

Next, the majority (mask wearers, vaccinated) must be made to feel like the minority (unmasked, unvaxxed) is a threat to their health or safety. The easiest way to do this is to use simple analogies that don’t stand up to scrutiny or hyperboles that trigger an emotional response.

Common mask hyperboles include, “The unmasked are trying to kill grandma”, “Superspreaders”, and “Spreading harmful disinformation”.

These quickly morphed into “Pandemic of the unvaccinated”, “Hospitals overrun with unvaccinated”, and “Spreading deadly vaccine misinformation”, when in reality, data is pouring out that most “COVID” cases and deaths are from vaccinated persons.

This recent Science article from August 2021 stated, “As of 15 August, 514 Israelis were hospitalized with severe or critical COVID-19, a 31% increase from just 4 days earlier. Of the 514, 59% were fully vaccinated.”

Trust the science…?

3. References and Comparisons to Animals

This next step ushers the majority down the path of empowering the group-think of superiority to and inferiority of the minority.

Provide the perception that the minority is stupid and immoral → Present the minority as a threat to health and safety → Call the minority names to embolden the majority’s perceived superiority.

The only animal related comparison that comes to mind is “plague rats”, used interchangebly for both the unmasked and the unvaxxed; but I do think that the terms “Anti-Vaxxer”, “Covidiot”, and “Science Denier” fall into this category seeeing as they are used as terms to make the minority feel like a dumb animal.

4. Threats of Violence

Now that the majority is conditioned to believe that the minority is a dumb, immoral, and selfish animal that is a threat to the health and safety of themselves and loved ones, they begin to view the minority as lower than humans; at this stage, violence is not only justified in their minds, but also righteous.

I’ve seen flurries of videos of people shoving, punching, or screaming at people for not wearing a mask; I myself have experienced people demanding I wear a mask in public with threats of violence. In these situations, group-think kicks in again and the surrounding crowd tends to either fall silent or back up the mask wearer.

Again we see the pattern repeat; normalizing violence against the unmasked has bridged the way for normalizing violence against the unvaccinated. First, I’ll lay out some propaganda normalizing violence, followed by real-world violence against the unmasked and unvaxxed.

In the Media

A. Netflix

A Scene from “You”, Netflix’s most popular show at the moment, showing a woman murdering a man for not getting vaccinated. (The first 60 seconds of the video below)

B. James Corden

While trying to surmise solutions to get more Americans vaccinated, one of James Corden’s yes men suggests a “knuckle sandwich” as an incentive. I can’t embed the video, but you can watch it on this page.

C. Joe Biden

In a recent Coronavirus update, globalist zombie puppet Joe Biden stated, “Those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price.”

In Real Life

A. Australian Police Attack Children for Not Wearing Masks

I will be doing a separate report on Australia, what is happening there is beyond horrific. This example shows an Australian fascist police officer pepper spraying a 12 year old for not wearing a mask.

B. FDA Official Wants to Forcefully Inject the Unvaxxed

James O’Keefe from Project Veritas has done more to expose reality than any other pathetic excuse for a journalist working for MSM. This video shows an FDA Official calling to ‘Blow dart African Americans’ with vaccines and wants a ‘Nazi Germany registration’ for the unvaccinated.

C. Australian Police Fire Upon Unarmed Anti-Vaxx Mandate, Anti-Lockdown Protestors

Australia went from one of the least restricted countries to a fascist police state in a matter of months. What began as fines and arrests for not wearing a mask quickly devolved into placing unvaccinated citizens in government facilities.

D. Proud Boy Member Shot by Antifa at Anti-Mask, Anti-Vaccine Protest

I do not support the Proud Boys and obviously do not support Antifa, I think they’re two wings of the same bird, but this is example of violence against the unmasked and unvaxxed that received little to no media coverage.

5. The Removal of the Group from Society

Now that the majority views the minority as stupid and dangerous sub-humans deserving of violence, the stage is set for the final act; total removal.

Normalizing refusal of service, entry, or business to unmasked individuals is one of the main reasons for mandating masks in the first place. After nearly two years of this unconscionable segregation, it is the “New Normal” for the majority to not only accept, but to also participate in and even call for removing the unvaccinated from society.

Vaccine passports were once considered an insane conspiracy theory, but due to the conditioning of the majority to judge, characterize, and treat individuals based on their compliance with mask mandates, it is now a very real and serious threat to free and civil soceities around the world.

If you ever wondered what you would do in Nazi Germany, you know now. Hitler followed this exact template to turn the people against the Jews, and we just lived through it again. This time, it was covert power in the shadows manipulating the masses on a global scale instead of dictatorial overt power manipulating a nation.

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I Rest My Case

Again, most of this information came from the book “Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good” by Dr. Vernon Coleman, I merely stood on the shoulders of a giant to bring you this information. Check out his website, Brand New Tube channel, and free books for more crucial information. He is an incredibly valuable resource during this science-fiction movie we are calling reality.

To wrap this up, I believe that the most important thing we must do not just in regards to face masks, but in every aspect of this genocidal nightmare, is to communicate effectively with our fellow man. Many people will be abrasive beyond belief to this information regardless of how you present it; it’s up to you to listen to their rebuttals, ask them to clarify why they think that way, and then gently suggest that they look at this information.

Make listening your superpower. When you let people explain to you why they think masks, vaccines, or lockdowns are good without interruption, they will slowly begin to realize themselves that their nonsensical beliefs have been programmed into them and these thoughts are not their own. It works nearly every time. Politely ask clarifying questions, listen to their answers, and their consciousness will take care of the rest. If they’re too worked up, walk away – but most of the time, this will work.

We are all in this together, but we got here because we haven’t realized this truth. For the first time, the people of the world have one universal truth in common; we are all suffering under tyrannical rule from the same powers. They have yet to reveal themselves, but nearly every human on the planet knows at some level that this is a co-ordinated attack not on their nation, race, or religion, but on their species, by one central force.

This presents us with a choice.

We can choose to succumb to our fear and usher in permanent slavery, or do the right thing and change the course of humanity.

If you can’t tell someone you’re not putting a mask on your face, you’ll freeze in fear when someone demands that you do much worse.

Share this article with everyone you know, subscribe to my newsletter, and follow these voices silenced by the narrative below.

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David Icke
Ignore all the negative shit you’ve heard about him, he is way ahead of the curve and constantly posts incredible updates on the situation that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Dr. Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc
An accomplished author with over 100 published works with incredible insight from his 10-minute “Old Man in a Chair” video series. Definitely download his free 45-page book ‘Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good‘ and share it far & wide.

Dr. Robert O. Young
A pioneer in human health once jailed for having an 84% cure rate in treating cancer patients for radiation instead of with radiation, Dr. Robert. O. Young is a staunch opponent of the ludicrous Germ Theory that we now find ourselves slaves to. Check out this video of him highlighting his findings regarding the contents of the vaccine and his spot-on take of “The Corona Effect”.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
A distinguished M.D. with over 20 years of experience who is also vehemently against C19 jabs. Watch his excellent destruction of the fake vaccinations here.

My favorite Bitchute channel that destroys the COVID narrative better than I ever could. Their best video so far is Trust Ultra Trust Naomi.

Dr. Bryan Ardis
Motivated by losing his Father-in-law in 2020 from ill-advised COVID hospital protocols, Dr. Ardis is passionate about exposing corruption of the medical system and the powers that be in this country. I strongly urge you to watch his overview of the Remdesivir genocide in American hospitals since 2020.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
A relentless advocate of better safety of health policies and medical freedom and is inspiring people all over the world to join forces in protecting our children’s future via the Children’s Health Defense.

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