Writer’s Note: I’ve quickly noticed that having to cite and source every claim that I post here is time consuming, and one of the many things the human race no longer has is the luxury of time. Although I’ll continue to post un-fuck-withable articles where I back up every claim with evidence, I’m also going to begin posting articles highlighting my observations.

Don’t be fooled to not believe what your eyes tell you outside of screens, and don’t be afraid to speak of what you notice. Humanity is quickly disappearing and we need to maintain ours at all costs.

Observations from the Jabbed and Political/Corporate Leadership

November 23, 2021

Since the mass inoculation campaign began earlier this year, I’ve noticed people who were once full of light slowly dim to a flicker. Their personality, demeanor, and energy has slowly dissapated into a shell of what they used to be. I could list all of the examples I’ve noticed, but it’s more practical to categorize the behavioural patterns; forest from the trees, if you will.

At this point in time, the third booster shots are available to adults over 40 at least, maybe younger, and 5-11 year old children have been eligible for about three weeks. Cases of myocarditis/pericarditis have increased by hundreds of percent, milt-system inflammatory syndrome has also skyrocketed, athletes are dropping dead in the middle of professional sports games, and nobody seems to notice or care.

Now that the time frame has been established, here are the three patterns.

1. Vaccinated people completely ignoring any anti-vaxx rhetoric

This is disturbing. Whenever I speak negatively about the jab to those who have had the jab, they either:

a) Change the subject
b) Ignore the question (If I asked one)
c) Answer as if I asked a different question

The last one is particularly spooky, I experienced this only once so far. The person even asked me to repeat my question and still replied as if I asked her something completely different. The most common is when people change the subject, but what they all have in common is the way in which they respond. Their response doesn’t have an annoying, uncomfortable, or disapproving tone to it like when most people change the topic of conversation that disagree with. They simply reply as though what I has just said didn’t register, as if my words bypassed their conscious mind. 

2. Hard-lined anti-vaxxers suddenly getting the jab

I first heard about this phenomenon from this David Icke video below, it starts at the 4:30 mark.

Due to the anecdotal nature of the phenomena, I didn’t speak openly about it; but once I witnessed it for myself, I understood. A person who is either leaning towards not getting the injection or vehemently oppossed to it will wake up one morning with either a sudden urge to get the vaxx or a massive panic attack for not having it. Either way, the idea of getting vaccinated is tied to an intense feeling of relief.

“Relief” is the key word. The three people I’ve spoken to that has experienced this used that exact word. Some are aware that they have been manipulated and can not explain why they got the jab, some are unaware that their consciousness was hijacked and don’t think anything of it.

I have no evidence of this, but it is obvious that a frequency was sent to either their individual mind or an area they were in that implanted the thought to get vaccinated. Again, the key word/feeling that was present in all of those who experienced this phenomena was an overwhelming sense of relief tied to getting the fake vaccination. The types associated with this were Pfizer and J&J.

3. Those in political and corporate power are acting as though they are not human

A common thread between all demands/bullshit mandates of all those who hold some level of political or corporate power is the lack of humanity in both their demands and demeanor.

→ Masks impair communication, discourage interaction, and wreak havoc on psychological and physiological health

→ Lockdowns delete independent income and destroy communities

→ Mandatory injections of which the contents are unknown yet lethal surrender an individual’s right to bodily autonomy while also creating a two-tier society which further divides the people

→ All of these demands are anti-human, and while ‘leaders’ impose these mandates, they do so without remorse or empathy and with contempt or anger.

Now I wouldn’t have thought this if this was a handful of leaders over a short period of time, but for every single world ‘leader’ to enact the exact same devastating measures for nearly two years without a single one of them snapping, breaking, or having any information leak, I can’t think of any other logical conclusion. Naturally, the question becomes, “What are they?” I would surmise three possible scenarios.

  1. They simply are not; The leaders we see are holograms and/or CGI and are controlled via a hightly tight-knit group of people
  2. They are AI or aliens using a homan body as a host
  3. They were once human, but at some point were connected either at will, against their will, or unknowingly to the ‘Internet of Things’ and are now controlled remotely via AI, or a small group of psychopathic humans.

I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but what I do know what I see and hear that’s not on a screen as well as what my heart tells me. I notice obvious changes in people and recognize when tyrants use fear to consolidate power. I’m going to try and record future patterns as they present themselves to me and see if they somehow connect or make sense as time goes on.

Stay strong, don’t give in, don’t give up.

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