I’ve heard from people time and time again, “I don’t care if the vaccine kills me, whatever.”

First off, that is absolutely gutting to hear; we should all love ourselves in abundance. It is this lack of self-love and self-respect that got us here in the first place.

But let’s leave that out of the equation for now and continue under the assumption that you care about children and babies, as I do. They are the future of our nations and species as a whole.

For the next few minutes, I need you to look at the big picture, put aside any preconceived notions about the current situation, look at reality, and educate yourself on what’s planned for the young in the coming months.

I’ll lay it out plain and simple below and then source articles and videos that support my claims beneath.

  1. “COVID-19” has little to no effect on children and babies.
  2. However, C19 jabs have had horrific effects on children in test trials – and adults in the current the current live trial that is the public.
  3. Governments are planning to roll out a C19 vaccine for 6 month old babies this winter.

It is crucial that you shake off any ideas, comforts, or defenses for the vaccination at this point; It is time we, as a species, defend the defenseless against this unimaginable evil.

If you decide to not stand up for your children or stand idly by as babies are subjected to these Mengele experiments, you have no dignity or honor. Scurry back into your illusory world of screens and never come back.

If you have a shred of self-respect or decency, the least you can do is educate yourself on what’s planned for the children of the world by watching these videos and reading these articles.

Share this post and get active in your community; We must stand for those who can’t stand for themselves.

A. “COVID-19” has little to no effect on children and babies

COVID-19 Has a 99.9% Survival Rate in Children Under 19

Let’s begin with some hard data from NCBI with the following study:

Children’s mortality from COVID-19 compared with all-deaths and other relevant causes of death: epidemiological information for decision-making by parents, teachers, clinicians and policymakers
Published August 2020

In a nutshell:
→ This article examined age-specific data on COVID-19 deaths
→ Age of the population was >19 years old
→ Mortality data gathered from official government sources from seven countries over three months

→ Out of the 42,846 “Confirmed COVID-19 cases, there were 44 COVID-19 deaths.
→ That’s a 0.10% mortality rate, or 99.9% survival rate.

Below is a screengrab of the chart. You can view it in full here.

The study concludes with the following:

“COVID rarely kills children, even compared with influenza, against which many children are already vaccinated. Our data show that for mortality COVID-19 is similar to flu, or less severe, in children whilst being the opposite in adults.“

Here are links to similar studies with similar findings:

COVID-19 deaths in children: comparison with all- and other causes and trends in incidence of mortality

Source: NCBI, September 2020

→ Locations: USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, and South Korea
→ Time Frame: March to July, 2020
→ Age group: 0-19 years old, depending on country
→ Deaths from COVID-19 under 19 years old: 80

Deaths in Children and Young People in England following SARS-CoV-2 infection during the first pandemic year

Source: Research Square, July 2021

An excerpt from their conclusion reads:

“25 CYP (Children and Young People) died of SARS-CoV-2 during the first pandemic year in England, equivalent to an infection fatality rate of 5 per 100,000 and a mortality rate of 2 per million. Most had an underlying comorbidity, particularly neurodisability and life-limiting conditions.”

Before we continue, it goes without saying that one child lost is too much – but the numbers of injuries and deaths from the COVID-19 “vaccine” is already shaping up to be much, much more than those from COVID…

B. However, C19 jabs have had horrific effects on children in test trials and young adults in the current live trial that is the public.

Subjecting children and infants to an experimental gene therapy program without proper safety protocols and time for rigorous analysis is unconscionable. I don’t give a fuck how many times we’re told that the vaccine is “safe & effective”; it absolutely is not and has been wrecking havoc on the planet since it’s release – and we’re nowhere near learning what the long term effects could be.

I understand that this article would be worthless without evidence to back my claims, so here’s just a handful of facts and proof.

15 Children Aged 12-18 Years Hospitalized for Myocarditis Days After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine

Source: “Association of Myocarditis With BNT162b2 Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccine in a Case Series of Children
JAMA Cardiology, August 10, 2021

Although I urge you to read and understand the study, here is an excerpt from the posted results:

“Fifteen patients (14 male patients [93%]; median age, 15 years [range, 12-18 years]) were hospitalized for management of myocarditis after receiving the BNT162b2 (Pfizer) vaccine. Symptoms started 1 to 6 days after receipt of the vaccine and included chest pain in 15 patients (100%), fever in 10 patients (67%), myalgia in 8 patients (53%), and headache in 6 patients (40%).“

The Covid-19 Vaccines have harmed and killed more children in the USA than all other vaccines combined according to official data

Source: The Daily Expose, September 20, 2021

As of the date of the article’s publishing, the CDC’s VAERS system (which is massively underutilized and manipulated) reported 14,956 events of children under 17 years old related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

The article goes on to highlight:

“The latest VAERS data published 10th September 2021 also shows how children; who are at virtually zero risk of suffering serious illness due to Covid-19, are suffering due to the Covid-19 vaccines. There have been 21 deaths, 77 permanent disabilities, 2,019 emergency room visits, 942 hospitalisations, and 165 life threatening events in children under the age of 17 because of the Covid-19 vaccines. But another search of VAERS for reports made against all other available vaccines from 1st December 2020 to 20th September 2021 shows that there have been just 1 death, 10 permanent disabilities, 51 emergency room visits, 26 hospitalisations, and 9 life threatening events among children between the ages of 12 and 15. (source) This means the Covid-19 vaccines have caused 21 times more deaths, nearly 8 times more disabilities, 40 times more emergency room visits, 36 times more hospitalisations, and 18 times more life threatening events among children under the age of 17 than all other available vaccines combined.”

C. The Forbidden M Word

Myocarditis – the “incredibly rare” side effect of the jabs. As a matter of fact, they’re so rare that it’s actually common. Confused? You’re meant to be.

Here’s an advert from the UK government conditioning the public into believing that it’s normal for teens to have “undiagnosed heart conditions” released in late September 2021.

I love the smell of propoganda in the morning.

Enough of that shit – before we get to some hard data that’s being swept under the rug, it’s important that you understand what myocarditis is so you can fully grasp the gravity of the situation.

What is Myocarditis and What Does It Do?

Using Mayo Clinic as a source, myocarditis is “an inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium).”

The resulting inflammation reduces your heart’s ability to pump and cause rapid or abnormal heart rythyms.

Why is Myocarditis a Big Deal?

To quote the Myocarditis Foundation, “Myocarditis is the 3rd leading cause of Sudden Death in children and young adults.”

But first, I’ll break down the basic physiology of how the heart works so you can understand why myocarditis is a huge problem.

How the Heart Works

In a very condensed nutshell, the heart pumps blood to and from all areas of your body, including the heart itself.

It pumps oxygenated blood & nutrients to your organs and also carries carbon dioxide & waste to your lungs so it can be removed from the body. The heart oxygenates itself via coronary arteries.

If you’re more of a visual person like me, here’s a quick 2-minute video explaining this process.

Why Myocarditis is a Big Deal

Now that we understand how the heart works, we can recognize the dangers of myocarditis using the Myocarditis Foundation as a source.

The resulting inflammation of myocarditis enlargens the heart, and therefore weakens it. This creates scar tissue, which therefore forces the heart to work harder to circulate blood and oxygen throughout the body.

As a result of the heart working overtime, patients suffer the following symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, lightheadedness, sudden loss of consciousness, and more.

Immediate Effects of Myocarditis

Myocariditis prevents people’s ability to exercise and perform otherwise normal tasks in their life. Think of it as infinite speed bumps for the person’ss life; if the person is jogging, exercising, walking, even stressed, the symptoms will arise and the person will have to stop what they’re doing until the symptoms subside.

If strenuous activity is continued for a prolonged period of time and the person pushes through the symptoms, the person can sudder a sudden heart attack/death.

Think of how this will affect growing children’s psychology and ability to form meaningful relationships, or otherwise enjoy being a kid.

Long Term Effects of Myocarditis

As a result of the heart working over time for years on end, it weakens. It can no longer pump blood or remove CO2 from the body efficiently. This includes the heart’s ability to nourish itself.

This leads to either premature death from a heart attack or a heart transplant at an early age.

Okay, enough A&P – let’s get to the evidence of how COVID-19 vaccines have been leading to children developing myocarditis.

CDC Confirms 226 Cases of Myocarditis After COVID-19 Vaccination in People 30 and Under

Source: AAP News: June 10, 2021

This is an example of hiding the results in plain sight; it is NOT NORMAL for people under 30 to contract myocarditis. Its also safe to assume that these people would not have contracted myocarditis if they had not received the vaccine.

Its important to note that when you read articles like this one, be aware of how the information is framed. It is meant to downplay the information to make it appear normal.

Take this quote from the article for example:

Federal health officials have verified 226 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis in people ages 30 and younger who have received an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine and are investigating about 250 more reports. While rare, the rates for ages 16-24 following a second dose are above what is expected, prompting an emergency meeting of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) next week.

The headline states, “226 confirmed cases”, yet the first paragraph mentions an additional 250 being investigated, which brings the total to nearly 500.

Also, the “while rare” statement; Myocarditis in itself is rare to contract. It could be said that myocarditis is rare from the vaccine when factoring in the amount of children who contracted it after being vaccinated, but 500 is by no means a low number.

Myocarditis is an incredibly dangerous, life-changing diagnosis that never goes away. This vaccine MUST be pulled from the shelves immediately, or at the very least halted indefinitely for use in children. This is insanity being presented as normalcy.

Younger Males Are at a Higher Risk of Myocarditis Following Covid-19 Vaccine, VAERS Cases are “Just the Tip of the Iceberg”

Source: The Expose, October 6, 2021

This article is an analysis of this ScienceDirect study which analyzes data from the VAERS system regarding myocarditis reports. It must be read in full, but I’ll quote an important excerpt below.

" “Within 8 weeks of the public offering of COVID-19 products to the 12-15-year-old age group, we found 19 times the expected number of myocarditis cases in the vaccination volunteers over background myocarditis rates for this age group.” Additionally, the report states that a 5-fold increase in the rate of myocarditis was observed subsequent to the second dose as opposed to a single dose in 15-year-old males. A total of 67% of these cases took place following the Pfizer vaccine. The report found that out of the total myocarditis cases, 6 individuals died, of these, two were under 20 years of age – one of whom was 13."

Take a moment to listen to Dr. Ryan Cole from America’s Frontline Doctors, a board certified anatomic and clinical pathologist trained at Mayo Clinic in practice for over 18 years, go over his findings of vaccine effects in autopsies. 

He begins addressing how there has been a 200x increase in myocarditis since the vaccine rollout at the 4:45 point.

He also points out that once a heart cell is damaged, its damaged forever; a heart cell doesn’t replace itself with another heart cell, it replaces itself with a scar. Remember this the next time you hear some asshole say that people are making “full recoveries” from vaccine-induced myocarditis. This claim is sinister false information designed to influence people’s perception of the dangers of myocarditis. Don’t let them make it sound like its not a big deal; it is a very big deal.

Scientific Study finds rate of occurrence of heart inflammation due to Covid-19 vaccines is more than double what Health Officials claim

Source: The Expose, August 15, 2021

This article is an overall analysis of research published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) showing that the actual rate of heart inflammation (myocarditis and pericarditis) due C19 jabs is more than double than what the CDC claims.

It is loaded with excellent data analyses, but I’d like to turn our focus onto the ‘Kids and myocarditis‘ section as quoted below.

In another, small case series published online in JAMA Aug. 10, researchers examined 15 children who were hospitalized with myocarditis after receiving Pfizer’s vaccine. Boys were most commonly affected after the second dose. Three patients had ventricular systolic dysfunction — ​​a common and serious complication of myocardial infarction that leads to greatly increased risks of sudden death and of heart failure. Twelve patients had late gadolinium enhancement — a result of cardiac injury — on cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. There were no deaths, and all but one patient had normal echocardiogram results on follow-up one to 13 days after hospital discharge. The researchers concluded patients were mildly affected, but long-term risks associated with post-vaccine myocarditis remain unknown and larger studies with longer follow-up are needed to inform recommendations for COVID vaccination in children. According to the latest data from VAERS, there have been 2,018 U.S. reports of myocarditis and pericarditis following COVID vaccines, with 1,275 cases attributed to Pfizer, 667 cases to Moderna and 71 cases to J&J’s COVID vaccine.

Before we get to the final section outlining how they are planning to vaccinate babies, here is a handful of testimonies from youths who suffered myocarditis as a result of the C19 jab,

D. The Evil of Vaccinating Babies for C19

In summary, let’s review the information thus far:

  1. “COVID-19” has little to no effect on children and babies
  2. The long-term effects of the vaccine are unknown for all age groups
  3. C19 jabs have had horrific side effects on children in test trials
  4. The current live trial on young adults is devastating
  5. Vaxx-induced Myocarditis is a serious concern


Even after all of that irrefutable evidence, the absolutely murderous psychopaths in the government and CDC want to stick this poison into BABIES.

Sound crazy? Here’s two videos of Fauci laying out the plans to vaccinate children of all ages.

After you watch that, read the articles below for further proof.

Babies could be given Pfizer’s Covid vaccine in the US this winter: Company plans to seek approval for jabbing six-month-olds in November

Source: The Daily Mail, September 16, 2021

This article quotes Frank D’Amelio, CFO at Pfizer as saying the pharmaceutical giant plans to ‘go file’ by November 2021:

'We would expect to have... data for children between the ages of six months and five years old that we would file with the FDA,' D'Amelio said at the Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Conference. 'I'll call it in the weeks shortly thereafter the filing of the data for the five- to 11-year-olds.'

There is no publicly available safety data regarding babies given the Pfizer jab. 

The live rollout will be the study.

Children as young as 6 months old now in COVID-19 vaccine trials

Source: ABC News, April 27, 2021

Note how I said no “publicly available data”. There’s data, but we can’t see it.

The wheels to vaccinate infants has been in motion for some time now, as outlined in the evil ABC News article above.

Death of 6-Week-Old Baby Linked to Pfizer Covid Vaccine That Mother Took While Breastfeeding

Source: The Expose, September 9, 2021

These stories are unfortunately becoming more common as time goes on.

In a nutshell, babies are dying as a result of breastfeeding from their mothers that were vaccinated after giving birth.

The above report specifically states that the infant “passed away from clots in his severely inflamed arteries”.

If babies are dying from drinking the milk from their vaccinated mothers’ breasts, what would a direct injection do?

In Closing

Knowing all of this, keep in mind how the future will play out:

→ Brainwashed parents will let their children get the poison death shot

→ Kids will start dying from the jab

→ The media will stir up a frenzy like no other that “COVID is now killing kids” – when it’s really the vaccine

→ Strictier lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and various draconian measures will be attempted

When this happens, do not waver.

We must resist this at all costs and point out their evil without fear or hesitation.

The walls are closing in faster than you know, and if we let them, they will kill and maim the children of the world.

I truly think that humanity can rise above this if this information is shown to as many people as possible, so please share this far and wide, subscribe to my newsletter, and follow these voices silenced by the narrative below.

Stay healthy, happy, and strong.

They Are Already Rolling Out Propaganda Targeting Kids.

David Icke
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Max Igan
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Dr. Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc
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Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
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Dr. Bryan Ardis
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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