The time for being nice about this is up, and it should have been up a long time ago. Let me lay it out plain and simple:

The vaccine is made to seriously injure, kill, or permanently maim the global human population.

The subsequent vaccine passports is the beginning of total and complete global fascist control of every man, woman, and children on the planet.

Take in these articles, interviews, and studies and form your own opinion. There is a reason why this information has been systematically suppressed, and it’s not for your health – it’s because this information completely demolishes their insane, ludicrous, and illogical narrative.

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COVID Surges in 4 of 5 Most Vaccinated Countries

→ Source: Forbes, May 2021

Read this article and then refer to your common sense.

Does this tell you that the vaccine is “safe and effective”?

Or does this tell you that the vaccine is causing all of these cases and deaths?

Take a moment to look at this graph of daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases per million people in Seychelles.

The spike in cases jumps at the same time the vaccine rollout was in full swing in January, spiking up until May. (Source: Seychelles Ministry of Health)

It wound down to nothing until mid-September… right when officials announced that “those with advanced health issues and older residents are eligible to receive a third dose of the vaccine.” (Source: Seychelles News Agency)

On that note, check out this video highlighting COVID Deaths Before and After Vaccination Programs before YouTube yanks it down.

What does all of this say to you?

CDC is Counting People Dying Within 14 Days of Jab as Unvaccinated

→ Source of article that discovered this

→ The CDC Study that proves this claim

The next time you hear someone scream “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, show them this. If someone gets the jab and dies within 14 days, they are NOT marked as a vaccine death. It would be safe to assume that they are instead marked as a COVID death. This inflates the bullshit COVID death numbers and lowers the actual numbers of people who died from the shot.

Dr. Peter McCullogh confirms this with the following quote from his interview on the Stew Peters Show:

“And so two important analyses came forward, one from McLaughlin in London and one by Rose, using the VAERS data and they basically concluded this: that 50% of the deaths occur between 48 hours of the injection and 80% of the deaths occur within a week.”

I can not stress this enough; you are being lied to. This is genocide on a level that the world has never seen before.

You can watch the interview below:

Testimony of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Highlighting Risk, Dangers, and Results of C19 Vaccine Studies in Animals and Humans

If you don’t have time to watch the entire video, here’s a quick overview:

“The only reason you would want to vaccinate a child is if you believe in child sacrifice”

A. Dr. Zelenko states that according to this study performed at the Salk Institute, when a person gets a C19 shot, the body becomes a spike-producing factory producing trillions of spikes which attach to the lining of your blood vessels. Think inside out rose stem.

→ As blood cells flow through the vessels, they get damaged and accumulate throughout the body.

→ This eventually leads to blood clots, which ultimately leads to heart attack or stroke.

→ Blood clot in brain = stroke
→ Blood clot in heart = heart attack

→ Death from blood clots is the #1 short-term death related to Covid vaccinations, with 40% happening in the first 3-4 days.

B. Causing myocarditis in the hearts of young adults.

C. According to a New England Journal of Medicine study released titled “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons“, the miscarriage rate of women who were vaccinated in the first trimester of pregnancy jumped from a 10% miscarriage rate to an 80% miscarriage rate. That’s an increase by a factor of 8. (More on this below)

D. Sub-acute studies performed in animals regarding Covid vaccinations showed that all animals responded well with generating antibodies.

→ However, when their immune systems were challenged with the virus they were immunized against, most of the animals died.

→It was discovered that their immune system killed them, also known as antibody dependent enhancement.

E. The vaccine damages fertility in men and women.

→ Damages women’s ovaries and lowers men’s sperm counts.

F. Jabs will lead to an increased number of autoimmune diseases and increased risk of cancer

G. When Covid is treated early in the elderly, the death rate from 7% to less than 0.5%

H. If everyone in the world gets vaccinated, 2 billion will die.

I. He ended with quoting Luc Montagnier, Nobel Peace Prize Winner who Discovered HIV:

This is the biggest risk of genocide in the history of mankind.”

CDC Manipulated Study Data to show the C19 Vaccines are Safe for Pregnant Women When in Reality 4 out of 5 Suffered Miscarriage in First/Second Trimester

→ Source of article that discovered this

→ The CDC Study analyzed

Please read the article and analyze the study for yourself. In summary, the conclusion of the CDC study is as follows:

“Preliminary findings did not show obvious safety signals among pregnant persons who received mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.”

However, the analysis of the data shows how badly the data has been manipulated. Here is a quote from the analysis:

“…of the 827 completed pregnancies, 700 / 86% of the women had received a dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna Covid-19 vaccine during the third trimester of pregnancy. The third trimester of pregnancy is from week 27 – 40, and it is therefore impossible to suffer a miscarriage due to the fact they are considered as occurring prior to week 20 of a pregnancy.

This means just 127 women received either the Pfizer or Moderna Covid-19 vaccine during the first / second trimester, with 104 of the woman sadly losing their baby.

Therefore the rate of incidence of miscarriage is 82%, not 12.6% as presented in the findings of the study.

It is impossible for anyone vaccinated during the third trimester to suffer a miscarriage in respect of the parameters set in the study. A pregnancy loss in this case would be considered a still birth, occurring after week 20 of pregnancy.

The authors of this study have manipulated the data to show that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe for use during pregnancy. The actual findings show that they are far from it.”

These vaccines are lethal and the government agencies we are supposed to trust are manipulating you to think otherwise.

Vaccine Deaths in the USA have increased 27-fold over the average seen in the previous decade thanks to the Covid Jabs

→ Source of article that discovered this (May 2021)

People Dying After Being Vaccinated Labeled as ‘COVID Deaths’

We are constantly bombarded with stories about “fully vaccinated Americans dying/seriously injured from COVID-19”. These are disgustingly misleading articles.

If you apply logical reasoning and actually read the articles, you will find that most of these deaths and/or injuries came after they were vaccinated.

Below are some examples:

‘Freaks and Geeks’ Star Jerry Messing Says COVID Has Partially Paralyzed Him
Excerpt from story:
“Messing’s father, James, has previously told TMZ that his son had received his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine in August and was waiting on his second shot when he became ill.”

Vaccinated Tennessee craftsman dies from COVID-19
Excerpt From Story:
“Once, Newman forgot his mask on his way into the grocery store. It was raining and he was fully vaccinated, so he went in anyway… A few days later, he began feeling sick. Newman went to LeConte Medical Center and received the Regeneron and Remdesivir treatments (more on this below) to help him recover… Peggy arrived at the hospital to take him home. Unfortunately, Newman began throwing clots and died a few hours later.”

Ariz. mom dies from COVID 12 days after welcoming daughter
Excerpt From Story:
“Jerome told a local news affiliate Cotton was not vaccinated during her pregnancy. “Obviously looking back, I wish she had gotten vaccinated sooner,” he said.”

Remdesivir Genocide

Please take 15 minutes to watch the full in-depth explanation by Dr. Bryan Ardis explaining how COVID deaths during the “first wave” was nothing more than mass genocide in hospitals.

Here’s a brief summary of the video:

A. First study Fauci quoted in May 2020 that “proved” that Remdesivir would be safe to use for COVID patients.

→ Study: A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Ebola Virus Disease Therapeutics

→ 2018-2019 ; 4 regions in Africa over 1 year with 681 patients. 4 total drugs were tested

→ Remdesivir was pulled after 6 months because it killed 54% of people who received the drug, most out of any other drug used in the study

B. Second Study Fauci quoted in May 2020 to use Remdesivir in COVID patient treatment

→ Study: Compassionate Use of Remdesivir for Patients with Severe Covid-19

→ 2020; Japan, Canada, and America over 10 days with 53 patients. Only Remdesivir was used.

→ 23% had serious adverse events

→ Most common: Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome = #1 cause of death in all ICUs

→ 2nd most common: Septic shock, acute kidney failure, hypotension (low blood pressure)

→ 8% discontinued Remdesivir treatment because it worsened pre-existing kidney failure and multiple organ failure

C. Your government was going to use these studies to push Remdesivir on US – WHY?

→ It would make COVID-19 look more deadly

D. This is why USA had highest death rates from C19

→ It was NOT from Covid-19, but rather from renal failure, and ultimately pulmonary edemafrom Remdesivir treatments.

→ Fauci & USA health agencies bought up all stock in 2020.

→ No other country was using Remdesivir.

Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA Vaccines, Calls For a Stop to COVID Vaccines; Censored for Doing So

The below excerpt was taken directly from this Vaccine Freedom article:

“In this interview with Del Bigtree, Dr. Robert Malone calls for a stop of COVID vaccines. He explains that the COVID vaccine can cause enhanced immune response, which creates a worse reaction when exposed to the natural coronavirus. He says that it can create autoimmunities in the the body. Dr. Robert Malone also said that the spike protein is the most dangerous part of the virus (which is in the COVID vaccine) is similar to spike proteins in our bodies, and can open up (not just pass through) the blood brain barrier. This has very dangerous implications for the human body, and why there have been so many adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine.”

You can watch the interview here.

In doing so, he has been censored from YouTube and his credentials have been removed from Wikipedia. (Sources: Townhall and Headlines 360 respectively.)

Read that again. The inventor of mRNA vaccines has been censored.

Dr. Vernon Coleman on Vaccinating Children

Dr. Vernon Coleman has been studying drug side effects for over 50 years. He was one of the world’s leading experts in drug companies and adverse events until 18 months ago when his Wikipedia page was downgraded to “discredited conspiracy theorist.”

He is one of the hundreds, if not thousands, accredited voices opposing the ridiculous vaccination programs, and he must be heard.

He opens the video above highlighting that the C19 vaccine is 6 times more deadly to young boys than COVID-19; I strongly recommend you listen to the whole video and to not vaccinate your children against COVID-19.

He regularly releases 10 minute videos on his Brand New Tube channel which you can view here.

Watch his videos and share them far and wide.

Pfizer Demands Sovereign Assets of Argentina and Other Countries As a Guarantee Against Cost of Future Legal Cases

→ Source: BIJ, Feb. 2021

In order for Argentina to use it’s vaccine, Pfizer demanded immunity from prosecution, government insurance to protect Pfizer from lawsuits, and handing over sovereign assets such as Argentina’s bank reserves, military bases, and embassy buildings as a guarantee against the cost of any future legal cases.

If their jab was “safe & effective”, why are they making these ridiculous demands – and why would a pharmaceutical company want military bases? This is absolutely criminal and incredibly alarming.

Similar demands were made of Brazil, where Pfizer demanded waiving sovereignty of its assets abroad, exempting Pfizer from Brazilian laws, and giving Pfizer immunity from all civil liability.

WHO & CDC Manipulates RT-PCR Testing to Trick Population Into Thinking That Vaccines Are Working

The fact that RT-PCR testing is being used to diagnose COVID-19 (which it can not do, as its inventor Kary Mullis points out) is in itself an abomination and an insult to intelligence, but the WHO & CDC took it a step further with the initial vaccine rollout.

On January 20th 2021 – Biden’s inauguration day – the WHO recommended that testing laboratories should lower their testing amplification. Simply put; lower thresholds = less cases. But it wasn’t to favor Biden; this was because vaccinations were seriously underway and they wanted to provide the illusion that the vaccine was working.

Then, in April 2021, the CDC in America issued new guidance to lower their amplification threshold even further – only for vaccinated people. This shows just how utterly useless and easily manipulated RT-PCR testing is, as well as how the narrative is being controlled by the few at the top.

Cast the illusion that a deadly virus exists → Use a test not testing for the virus to inflate cases → Murder people in hospital with Remdesivir to inflate death counts → Rollout a fake vaccine → Manipulate already faulty testing protocol to cast the illusion that the vaccine is working and the unvaccinated are a “danger”.

This entire COVID scenario is a sinister, deceitful, calculated lie made to centralize control and breed generations of obedient slaves.

A Dose of Reality From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: “We Must Resist this Coup d’Etat”

I’ll close this first article with words from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense.

He highlights how this current situation is a coup d’etat of the world, and his message is simple; resist through civil disobedience. It’s our only way out of this nightmare.

In Closing

To prevent this global overthrow from succeeding, we must share this information with others and stand strong in our resolve to resist mandates, vaccinations, masks, and lockdowns.

You’ll have to stand up eventually; either now while we still have a fighting chance, or later when we stand no chance.

Stand fearless, be courageous, establish unshakeable resolve.

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David Icke
Ignore all the negative shit you’ve heard about him, he is way ahead of the curve and constantly posts incredible updates on the situation that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Dr. Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc
An accomplished author with over 100 published works with incredible insight from his 10-minute “Old Man in a Chair” video series. Definitely download his free 45-page book ‘Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good‘ and share it far & wide.

Dr. Robert O. Young
A pioneer in human health once jailed for having an 84% cure rate in treating cancer patients for radiation instead of with radiation, Dr. Robert. O. Young is a staunch opponent of the ludicrous Germ Theory that we now find ourselves slaves to. Check out this video of him highlighting his findings regarding the contents of the vaccine and his spot-on take of “The Corona Effect”.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
A distinguished M.D. with over 20 years of experience who is also vehemently against C19 jabs. Watch his excellent destruction of the fake vaccinations here.

My favorite Bitchute channel that destroys the COVID narrative better than I ever could. Their best video so far is Trust Ultra Trust Naomi.

Dr. Bryan Ardis
Motivated by losing his Father-in-law in 2020 from ill-advised COVID hospital protocols, Dr. Ardis is passionate about exposing corruption of the medical system and the powers that be in this country. I strongly urge you to watch his overview of the Remdesivir genocide in American hospitals since 2020.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
A relentless advocate of better safety of health policies and medical freedom and is inspiring people all over the world to join forces in protecting our children’s future via the Children’s Health Defense.

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